Friday, April 5, 2013

Consequences of consuming lead and solution

Do you know that lead is one of the most common contaminants found in water today? And you can well imagine the consequences of consuming lead. It has been proven by research that lead can have an adverse effect on the central nervous system including the immune system, kidneys, and the cardiovascular system. Its accumulation in the bones and soft tissues over time can cause brain disorders. Children are the most vulnerable. Thanks to the introduction of the Aquaguard Reviva from the house of Eureka Forbes. It has already been a rage in the market and the favorite amongst lakhs of Indian mothers. Yes, Aquaguard Reviva comes equipped with a unique technology that removes harmful lead during the purification process. It is the ‘reverse osmosis plus reviva’ technology. Those who have installed this Aquaguard water purifier are already availing the benefits of the technology. Dial 3988 3333 to know in detail about it or visit

Reviva Aquaguard water purifier also removes the A-Z of all pollutants including harmful micro-organisms and new age tough contaminants. Besides TDS (total dissolved solids) are reduced to acceptable standards. What you get from the faucet is 100 percent safe and pure water, guaranteeing your good health.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

Eureka Forbes AquaguardIf you are still not using a Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier, you are far away from consuming pure and safe water. Yes, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard has become a name synonymous to superlative quality, innovation, groundbreaking technology, and purification effectiveness. There are numerous models to choose from under different categories - Aquaguard Total Sensa, Aquaguard Total Duo, Aquaguard Protec Plus, Aquaguard RO Total ENHANCE, Aquaguard RO Total Reviva, Aquaguard RO Total Atom, Aquaguard UV Total INFINITI, Aquaguard UV Classic, Aquaguard UV Compact, Aquaguard UV Booster, Aquaguard UV Hi-Flo, Aquaguard UV VERVE, and Aquaguard Ultra Filtration. Explore all these options and take a tour of the description, image, price, features, and technical specifications at

One Eureka Forbes Aquaguard system that is the only purifier of its kind in the whole world is the Total Sensa. This purifier is equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. No matter what the type of water is, no matter where you live, if you have the Total Sensa, you stay worry free. Yes, this Eureka Forbes Aquaguard can purify any kind of water. It is the patented BluG technology incorporated that senses the quality of water, accordingly auto selects the best purification technology, and then that is how the purification takes place. The A-Z of contaminants gets removed and you get the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity. Water that flows from the faucet of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total Sensa is perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Aquaguard Reviva - protecting the nervous system

Aquaguard RevivaGone were the days when solutions were not aplenty. You wanted it and it was not available. Thanks to technological advancements! If you want a purifier that not only handles TDS levels, hardness, and removes contaminants but also specially designed to remove lead, you can get one. It is the Aquaguard Reviva from Eureka Forbes. No matter what the level of pollution or what the type of contaminants, you do have a solution with Eureka Forbes. It happens to be the first company in India to have introduced domestic purifiers under the brand name of Aquaguard.

 Many users are not aware about what type of contaminants is present in their tap water nor are they aware about the hazards that they cause. Researches have proven that 80 percent of the diseases are water borne. Each contaminant affects the body uniquely. It is found that lead, a common metal found in water in most places, especially industrial locations and areas nearby, affects the nervous system. Children are the most vulnerable to this metal. Yes, lead causes brain damage in young children. And it is Aquaguard Reviva that effectively removes lead during the purification process. Visit to know more about Aquaguard Reviva.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knowing Your Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total Sensa

Most conscious users of this advanced water filter called Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total Sensa are well aware of the SMP+ technology that it comes incorporated with. This technology is designed to enhance sweetness, mineral content and purity of the H2O being purified. What you get from the faucet is H2O that is perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals. ‘One purifier and integration of the world’s best purification technologies’ – this well identifies the Total Sensa Aquaguard water purifier. Source of H2O supplied to the tap can be bore well, tanker, lake, overhead tank, municipal, or mixed. No matter what the source of H2O is or where you live, it well serves the purification purpose.

When you install your Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water filter do ensure that the installation is done by an authorized technician from the company. Ensure that it is placed at a dry ventilated area or areas below freezing temperatures. It should be connected to cold (normal temperature) tap H2O supply; if connected to hot H2O supply, the filters will be damaged. Do also ensure that once your Aquaguard water purifier is installed, the first filling of the storage tank should be discarded; start drinking from second filling.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aquaguard Water Purifier Price – Value For Money

True value for money is what you enjoy with an advanced H2O purification system. If you are using the Aquaguard Classic, you are truly enjoying several benefits and the Aquaguard water purifier price of this model is a meager Rs. 8,990, which is again investment on your health.

This appliance comes equipped with an advanced ultra-filtration membrane. Once the purification process starts, i.e. when water flows into it, the membrane traps disease-causing micro organisms like virus, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, etc. This Aqua Guard product is ideal for use in areas where TDS (total dissolved solids) levels are up to 500 mg/ltr. It requires no electricity to run. Well even electrical purifiers from Eureka Forbes consume very negligible electricity and hardly add to the electricity bills.  

You will not mind paying the meager Aquaguard water purifier price for this model given the fact that it retains beneficial mineral salts and removes only fine suspended particles. So, what flows from the faucet of the Aqua Guard system is mineral-rich water. Besides, it works even with loft tanks, making it ideal for use in areas where tap H2O pressure is low. The 8 liters storage capacity makes it the perfect appliance for medium and big families.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Knowing your water type and Aqua Sure RO+UV

You will but agree to the fact that knowing the type of water purifier to be installed in your kitchen is equivalent to knowing what your health problem is and accordingly getting treated for the same. Yes, an advanced water purifier is an investment for good health, especially in today’s scenario where 80 percent of the diseases are water-borne. With 17 different water problems being discovered by Eureka Forbes, you should know your water condition before buying a purifier.

If TDS levels are high, water is hard, and countless harmful micro organisms harbor in your H2O, you should get a RO+UV system. Aqua Sure RO+UV is one of the most popularly used hybrid purifiers in India. This Eureka Forbes AquaSure product comes with a whole lot of features designed to effectively purify the contaminated H2O. Visit to know about it in detail. Eureka Forbes makes this Aqua Sure product available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets, especially in areas where it is required, i.e. according to water condition.

Six stage purification, inbuilt voltage stabilizer, auto flush, 8 liters storage capacity, quartz UV filtration, membrane life enhancer are few of the features of Eureka Forbes AquaSure RO+UV.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Effectiveness and long life of RO membranes

The most vital component in an RO system is the RO membrane. For the membrane to be effective for a longer period, the RO system should come incorporated with multiple filter cartridges. Yes, water from the tap should not reach the membrane directly. It should undergo filtration in more than one stage. Eureka Forbes RO systems come equipped with the TFC spiral RO membrane in addition to multiple filter cartridges. The ultimate objective is flow of absolutely pure and safe water from the faucet. You will come across at least seven Eureka Forbes RO systems at present, available under two different brands. When we speak about the Aquaguard RO, you have four models to choose from, viz. Total Enhance Green RO, Total Enhance RO, Total Enhance RO+, and Total Reviva.

Aquaguard RO Total Reviva comes equipped with several features for effective performance and long life of the RO membrane. Two of these features worth mentioning are unique membrane cleaning system, silver surety technology, and tamper proof reject water valve. Silver impregnation enhances purification efficiency inhibiting growth of microorganisms; and the reject valve ensures continuous and steady reject water flow. Worry not about water wastage. You can collect the rejected water for reuse.